The Leo Zodiac Beauty Tips


The Leo sign of the zodiac represents you with a fiery disposition. In essence, this lady type will be the one who is loud, proud, and oh so extravagant. She will have the best outfits and people will look at her in amazement. She really attracts people to her, especially the fellow male suitors. The Leo woman is the type to essentially go with the flow in terms of her overall beauty style. She might not

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"I’m the one with $40 French beauté self-tan who’s dressed like a sort of slutty Commedia dell’Arte Zanni, in white rags, a Dior slap bracelet, a Winston—I know, inexplicably—tucked behind my ear, a nameplate necklace that says “methadone” in cursive (indeed, roll your eyes; please), filthy white Topshop flats, three plastic rosaries in pastel colors that are all chewed up. I’m all PCP eyes and Adderall thighs, gagging down Gatorade at the encouragement of a bored friend, vibrating like a mild seizure."